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Do you want to perform well on your exam? GoTutor specialises in exam tutoring for both primary, secondary and upper secondary school. We offer private and tailored tutoring before your exam, based on your needs. Your tutoring will focus particularly on the topics you find hard or want to improve, in order for you to feel confident in the subject. This will help you at your final exam. Contact us today, and we will help you through your exam period.

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We will provide you with a tutor who has excelled in the subject you want help with. We will help you get ready for the exam, no matter what subject or topic you need help with. All our tutors are certified by our internal training program and we have screened both their academic and pedagogical competences, to ensure you that our tutors are qualified to help you.

When you start a program with GoTutor, you get access to your personal teaching platform, where you can keep track on your progress. After each meeting your tutor will write a report on which subjects you have covered and how it went. In this way you can stay updated on your progress and results.

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6 months of tutoring

40 hours
299 kr. / per hour
  • Multiple subjects
  • Multiple tutors
  • No commitment
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3 months of tutoring

20 hours
329 kr. / per hour
  • Multiple subjects
  • Multiple tutors
  • No commitment
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12 months of tutoring

80 hours
269 kr. / per hour
  • Multiple subjects
  • Multiple tutors
  • No commitment
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Exam program

GoTutor offers a special tailor-made exam program that includes 10 hours of tutoring. The tutor is hand-picked to assist you with the subject you need help with. Together with your tutor you design the exam program that suits you best and makes you best possibly prepared for your exam. The tutoring can focus on a single topic that you struggle with, or cover the entire curriculum - it is all up to you.

We have helped thousands of upper secondary school pupils towards their final exams. Do you also want our help?

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