Our learning methodology

Goal-oriented and efficient learning

The first meeting

In your first meeting with your tutor, the two of you will set some clear goals for your program with GoTutor. It is important to both you and your tutor that you set clear learning goals, as it can be hard to keep goals and ambitions in mind in hard subjects. With help from an experienced tutor it will be easier to set clear goals and plan what you should focus on. Our experience is that clear goals enhance motivation and provide more successful experiences, even in hard subjects.

Targeted tutoring

Everyone learns in different ways. One-on-one teaching provides a unique opportunity to tailor the teaching to fit with your particular needs. In this way, you can learn more effectively than when the teaching is adapted for an entire class.

The tutoring starts after you and your tutor have clarified what your needs are. Most of our pupils choose to work with the material they have in school, but if you have any special requests we will strive to meet your requests. Our tutors will not give up you, even if you find it hard and struggle. Often, things just need to be explained in a different - maybe more specific or creative - way to make it easier for you to understand. All our tutors know this, and they will do their best to make you successful.

Continuous evaluation

For every time you meet with your tutor, your tutor will write a short report about your work. The report is a great idea because it helps both of you to see the progress you are doing - and progress itself is motivating. Also, your parents will be able to follow your program and your progress. Many parents are happy to see how the previously frustrating topics gradually improve through focused tutoring.

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