Screening of tutors

This is how we select the best tutors

This is how we select Denmark’s most talented tutors

Service and high quality are vital to us. This is why we have developed a hiring process that is continually evaluated, to ensure that we hire the most talented tutors.

This also ensures that you will get help from some of Denmarks most talented tutors with a relevant academic background and successful school experiences.

Minimum requirements to teach for GoTutor

Subject knowledge is crucial at GoTutor. To be considered for the job as a tutor with us we require that you study at the university or is done with your upper secondary education. Furthermore, you must have gotten a 10 or more on your final exam in the subjects you want to teach.

Screening and internal training

Our tutors must fulfil basic educational and academic requirements. Furthermore, we ensure that our tutors are pedagogically and socially capable of tutoring children and young people

We do this by our internal screening program where the tutors complete a pedagogical course, before they are tested in various pedagogical tests. The candidates who pass the tests will be invited to an interview where we want to get to know them and their personality.

The screening procedure is supplemented by continual mandatory courses in pedagogy and teaching, to ensure that the tutors maintain and strengthen their pedagogical knowledge. Furthermore, we continually receive feedback from our pupils on their experiences with their tutors, and we can thus stay updated on how our tutors are doing.

Tutoring for a set low price

… without hidden fees or things in the fine print!

299 kr.

per hours

  • No commitments – pay only for the hours you have used

  • All unused hours are refunded for the price you paid for them

  • Possible to get several tutors for several subjects without adding to the price

  • Instalment plan with no interest and no fees can be offered

Price includes access to materials and extra tasks from: