We help children and young people thrive in their school years

Egmont is a co-owner of GoTutor

We strive to help children and young people thrive in the Danish school system and build the groundwork for an excellent future. Our mission is to help our students achieve more success in school by making learning fun and, thus, ensuring increased welfare.

Egmont bygning
Our values

At GoTutor, we are driven by a fervent wish to help your child thrive in school. A child’s motivation and curiosity will return when they have regained the sense of feeling in control of the workload. Our greatest motivation comes when we see how our knowledge and guidance have helped students rediscover their confidence, and they are able to move on with renewed spirits.

Our most sacred value is that the tutoring course must be tailored to the child’s individual needs and difficulties. We are a dynamic team with vastly different backgrounds and capabilities, so we are impeccably suited to match you with the ideal tutor for your child’s specific level and prerequisites.