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Who are GoTutor?

We are a Danish company that offers private tutoring to pupils in primary, secondary and upper secondary school. We have tutors in Copenhagen, Århus, Odense, Aalborg and several other cities in Denmark. We are driven by a desire to help and motivate children and young people in order to provide them with a good future in the Danish educational system. Our mission is to help our pupils become better in school and give them successful experiences with schoolwork, which we hope will motivate the pupils and maybe even make schoolwork fun. We see our tutors as teachers, but also as mentors who can help their pupils further in the educational system.

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Mads christensen

“I founded GoTutor when I noticed that many children did not like schooling. No children deserve a bad self-esteem, or having a performance anxiety. I knew that if a child is in constant contact with a tutor who focuses solely on the child's needs, then we will quickly be able to solve the basic problems. I'm proud that today we make a big difference in thousands of children's lifes all over Denmark.”

- Mads Christensen, CEO
Elever hjælper hinanden i undervisningen


We at GoTutor are driven by a desire to help others. Our biggest motivation is to see how our knowledge and skills can help pupils through the Danish educational system.

Our vision is to develop tutoring programs that shows the best side of each pupil. We strive to make tutoring that is tailored for each and every individual pupil’s needs and wishes. We are a dynamic team of administration and tutors with different backgrounds and competences, which make us able to match pupils with tutors who are ideal for their needs.

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