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  • Mads christensen
    Mads Christensen
  • Mikkel lindblom
    Mikkel Lindblom
  • Emilie høyrup
    Emilie Høyrup
  • Victor kongsbak
    Victor Kongsback
    Student coordinator
  • Hannah kousholt
    Hannah Kousholt
    Student coordinator
  • Caroline dreyer
    Caroline Dryer
    Student coordinator
  • Stine grandt
    Stine Grandt
    Student coordinator
  • Lea claussen
    Lea Claussen
    Norwegian coordinator
  • Christina petersen
    Christina Petersen
  • Lasse chamara
    Lasse Chamara
    Video Content manager
  • Julie druedahl
    Julie Druedahl
    Graphic design

Quality control

How we ensure our high quality

Marianne Rosendal has taught in Danish primary and secondary school for 16 years and she is responsible for the quality control of the teaching at GoTutor. Marianne teaches Danish, Arts and English. She started as an English and Spanish secretary at Copenhagen Business School, and is the co-author of the English system «A Piece of Cake» for 7th to 9th grade, published by the publishing house Alinea.

"Being a teacher is the best job in the world. It is interesting to establish a framework in which the kids can develop their inner motivation to learn, discover learning strategies and see their progress. To be a teacher means that you acknowledge each individual pupil and see what he or she needs. Being a teacher is also result-oriented, and it is exciting to see the pupils go the extra mile to learn more." - Marianne Rosendal

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